Seeking Foreign Partners

Whitehall is seeking to establish working relationships with foreign financial service providers interested in assisting companies in their home country in going public in the US.

The skill sets needed are a thorough understanding of financial statements, understanding of corporate structure and secured transactions, and the ability to provide due diligence reports. Working relationships include lawyers and accountants servicing corporate clients.

Candidate partners don’t need to understand cross-border transactions or US regulations pertaining to a foreign company going public, listing on a US stock exchange, or raising money in the US and worldwide. We have a thorough understanding of this topic and will be glad to teach our foreign partners. Hopefully our foreign partner will reciprocate and teach us his countries regulations.

Our in-country partners will be at the table when fee arrangement is negotiated with the client company. Our partner is free to decline a project without affecting projects underway or future projects.

Fees paid to our foreign partners for assisting and guiding the foreign company with their deliverables are a percentage of the fees earned by Whitehall. The percentage paid to our partner depends on the amount of work needed and support provided to the company going public.

Whitehall’s fees are shares and stock options in the companies we take public and list in the US. Our fees are generous because they are contingent upon success. If we fail to get the company public and listed on a stock exchange, Whitehall gets nothing. Conversely, when we succeed, our fee is higher to reflect the risk we take

When Whitehall refers to an in-country partner, it can apply to a region. The boundary is as wide as the partner’s knowledge of a country’s accounting rules, banking and secured transactions, and trade practices. The jump from Vietnam to China is too extreme, while Vietnam Laos is fine. From Whitehall’s perspective, the larger area a partner can cover, the better.

Typical Shares Issued 


In a typical transaction, Whitehall would receive between five to seven percent of the company’s shares on a fully diluted basis. These shares would be issued at the beginning of the project. Upon completion of Level One, an agreed number of shares will become VESTED, and Upon completion of Level Two, the remaining shares will become VESTED.


The company should set aside about $150,000 (USD) for third party costs, which consist of the formation of a BVI and US company, US legal fees, transfer agent fees, and OTC Markets listing fee.

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