Whitehall Arranges Private Placements, Takes Emerging Growth Companies Public with Mini-IPOs.


Over 40 years’ experience with companies listed on US stock exchanges.


Converting to a public company increases value three to four times


Listed companies can raise capital on Wall Street as often as needed

Recent Changes allow private companies to go public and list their shares on a stock exchange without using an underwriter

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent rulings allow private companies to list their shares directly on Nasdaq, The OTC Markets, or the New York Stock Exchange without an underwriter. These rulings were made to allow small companies to go public.

Why Emerging Growth Stage Companies Choose Whitehall

Whitehall specializes in raising capital for emerging growth companies. We know the importance of keeping cash outlays to a minimum until the company starts bringing in cash. Whitehall takes a portion of its fees in shares to keep a client’s cash outlay to a minimum.

Whitehall understands the unique issues in getting emerging growth  companies public in the US, getting their shares listed on a stock exchange, and raising money.  With vast experience taking companies public and listing them on the stock exchange, we know how to get the job done at a reasonable cost.


Many public companies trade at 20 to 30 times earnings.


Public companies can use their shares to acquire companies.


Stock options are an excellent recruiting tool.


Stock options to retain employees


Banking and credit lines tend to be more generous for public companies.


Stock incentive plans for achieving corporate goals are effective tools for public companies.

What We Are Good At 

Whitehall specializes in taking emerging growth companies public. Emerging Companies need to be presented to investors differently than mature companies. A key decision is whether the company is presented as a Emerging Growth Company with operations abroad or one seeking US Investment. Whitehall’s experience is very important on the emerging growth company presentation.

Offsetting these growth rates is the fact that small companies have less staying power and capital reserves. While not suitable for retirement accounts, they are excellent stocks for investors seeking more than a 4% to 5% return.

All companies need to pay attention to how their shares are presented to the market. Many brokerage firms will group small emerging growth companies and domestic company stocks as growth stocks and not suitable for retirement accounts. Smaller companies should take every opportunity to encourage investors to view their shares as growth stocks that have more risk than seasoned shares and the potential for greater reward.

The goal of growth stage companies is to attract investors who accept a degree of risk in return for the chance to make a higher than normal return. Almost all investors diversify their investment and most want to own growth stocks as part of a well-balanced portfolio.

Whitehall Specializes in Raising Capital for Emerging Growth Companies

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